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Lighthouse Dondra – 50 m high lighthouse in the southest part of island built in 1889.
City Galle – Biblic Tarshsís where the king Solomon was dealing & famous fort Santa Cruz
Temple Gallge – the oldest rock building in Sri Lanka – It was built in 8th century b.c.

National park Yalla – wonderful view from jeep going thr park Yalla. Many species of animal such as elephants, crocodiles, leopards, birds...
Rain forest – beutiful tropical jungle at the foot of alike nice mountains with tea fields.
Snake farm – Interesting collection of tropical snakes–King Cobra and also Green Mamba is not¨missing.
Turtle farm – farm where turtle eggs are bought back from fishermen and born small turtles are sent back to the ocean.

Wewurukannala – Buddhist temple with 50 m  high sitting Buddha statue (the highest statue of Sri Lanka)
Weherehena – Underground Buddhist temple where the monks were hidding against enemies.
Mulkirigala caves – Wonderful complex of cave temples ( same like Dambulla).

Diving – possibility to see several wrecks and coral cliffs with many fishes
Snochrling – see beauty of ocean around our place
Cycling – we´re preparing several one day cycling traces. No problem to borrow bycicle.
Fishing – fishing on catamaran ship or on fishing vessel.